Dining Review - Chef Art Smith's Homcomin'

Homecomin' is located in Disney Springs and is one of my favorite restaurants on Disney World property.  I've been there a handful of times and have not had a bad meal.  That's not to say that it's always great.  During peak times, I have had meals that were good but not exceptional.  My most recent trip was during lunch on a weekday.  They were at about half-capacity and the meal was outstanding and the service was amazing!  I was on the dining plan, which included a drink and desert.  I knew what entree that I wanted but asked for input from the bartender for the other courses.  I was very happy!

For my entree I selected the signature dish, "Art's Famous Fried Chicken".  This is every bit as good as the Mid-West Potluck fried chicken that I remember from my youth!  The portions are generous and I had leftovers.  My one criticism is that the mashed potatoes are instant.  That's not a horrible thing, but they aren't strong enough to stand on their…

Focus on Florida Livin'

I am long overdue for a new post here at ArmsInsideTheVehicle! The last year has been whirlwind of events and activities, with a couple of them being in the "life-changing" category! No joke and no exaggerating needed. Perhaps the biggest event was relocating our family from Arizona to Florida. Big, HUGE event for us! It hasn't been easy and a ton of adjusting had to occur. A year later, I can safely say that it was a great decision! And nothing that I've ever experienced represents the philosophy of "Please keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the vehicle" better than our life journey of the last year.

That's not to say that there are not things that we miss. People! We still miss our friends and family from Kansas the most. We also miss the relationships that we formed over the 7+ years in AZ. Mountains! The highest point of Florida is probably the top of a bridge that was built to allow ship traffic under it! No rain! We miss not…

More Hidden Mickey's

This is just a quick post with the intent of re-energizing this blog...........I enjoy it when I do it, but it has been hard for me to make it a priority.

We have been to Walt Disney World a LOT of times.  I have found that some of our best trips do not involve the "E-Ticket" rides whatsoever.  On a recent trip, we took a leisurely stroll through the Maharajah Jungle Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom park.  Along with many interesting animals (Komodo Dragons, huge bats, interesting birds, and tigers just to name a few), I spotted a few Hidden Mickeys...........It's so fun!

Using Grocery Delivery Service in your WDW budget

We have had the pleasure of talking with some new visitors to WDW over the past few weeks.  It is so fun for Tabitha and I to do that.  It takes me back to a day when we would order promo DVD's to be delivered to our house and watch them.....Before you ask, the internet did exist and so did YouTube......But it was definitely a time of transition!  Talking with these people, it took us back to some of the budget tips that we have learned over the years.

Le Cellier - Hype or worth it?

Overview: Le Cellier is a steakhouse in the Canadian section of Epcot.  It's a very beautiful section of the park with the waterfalls and walkways.  There are some signature dishes that it is known for, such as the Canadian cheese soup and the the filet mignon with mushroom risotto and truffle butter.  Le Cellier is VERY popular, so getting reservations can be difficult to get without advanced planning.
We ate there for lunch this past June (2017), but this review will also incorporate our experience from past trips as well.

Review: Port Orleans Riverside Resort

This is one of our favorite places to stay.  As a "moderate" Disney resort, the rates are very reasonable.  Combined with the theming and amenities, the value is excellent.  The grounds are beautiful, there are great non-theme park entertainment choices, and multiple dining options.  Plus, as a family of five, this moderate resort will accommodate us in one room!

Pictures from our stay in June 2017

Disney's Animal Kingdom Backstage Tales Tour

My oldest daughter and I took this tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We are both animal lovers and are the people who animals just naturally gravitate toward.  This tour is not for everyone.  Even when we just finished, I had mixed feelings on it.  The turning point for me was when we walked through the park for the rest of the day and the facts that we had learned and then shared with the rest of the family kept coming out!  It was so apparent that we had learned so much that morning!