Using Grocery Delivery Service in your WDW budget

We have had the pleasure of talking with some new visitors to WDW over the past few weeks.  It is so fun for Tabitha and I to do that.  It takes me back to a day when we would order promo DVD's to be delivered to our house and watch them.....Before you ask, the internet did exist and so did YouTube......But it was definitely a time of transition!  Talking with these people, it took us back to some of the budget tips that we have learned over the years.

There are many possible blog topics that came out of those conversations, but the one that I want to discuss today is grocery delivery.  Typically, the number one expense when you are on vacation at WDW is dining.  There are a lot of strategies and methods to maximize your dining budget.  This method should apply to all of them...........GROCERY DELIVERY!!!!!  I will say it again.....GROCERY DELIVERY!!!!!!!!!!!
I am the resident tightwad of the household.  It pains me to pay resort prices for things like bottled water, milk, apples, oranges, soft drinks, chips, etc.  These are all items that you can bring into Disney theme parks with you!  I have paid $2.00 for an apple, being happy that my kid picked something healthy.  Two or three bites in, I watch it get dropped and roll across the theme park asphalt.  That's about a dollar-a-bite. The same apple from a local grocery store is about a quarter!  Even my tightwad self can handle that one rolling right down the middle of Mainstreet U.S.A.
We have a backpack cooler that stays in the Disney tub (a bin that contains the must-have items to pack for a Disney trip) and we always carry in bottled water.  A case is about half the price of buying one round of bottles for our family of five.
Breakfast items (cereal, muffins, pop tarts, granola bars, etc) are ideal candidates for grocery deliver.  So are soft-drinks and adult beverages.
We have used a variety of grocery options.  I have taken a cab to the grocery store and back, I have used the Wal-Mart app and an Uber, Garden Grocer, and We-go-shop.  They all have their own pros and cons.
My current favorite is Instacart (

Reasons to use Instacart:

  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Local grocery prices and sale prices
  • Affordable
Convenient and easy to use -

Go online or use the app to enter the zip code where you are.  Select a local store option (i.e. Publix) and begin your online selection and shopping.

Search for the items that you wish and add it to your cart, like bottled water:

When you are done, submit.  You you can select a delivery time when ordering.  I have often been able to select delivery in the same day as placing the order.

Local grocery prices and sale prices -
Several times, I have gotten messages through the Instacart app from my shopper asking me about my interest in a different size or quantity to take advantage of a weekly special.  We noticed that Garden Grocer's prices were much higher than we saw when able to travel to other stores (Publix, Wal-Mart, Winn Dixie, etc.).  For larger orders that we sometimes make when staying in a DVC unit with a full kitchen, an extra 20-30% adds up!
Affordable and Budget Friendly-
The delivery charge has been $6.00 (plus a tip).  If you use a coupon code, you typically receive free delivery and $10 off of your grocery bill!  Below is a code that you can use to get that offer and I will also receive a discount on my next order as well.  At checkout, Use Promo code:   DDYSART1DA143
When is FREE not in your budget????


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