Dining Review - Chef Art Smith's Homcomin'

Homecomin' is located in Disney Springs and is one of my favorite restaurants on Disney World property.  I've been there a handful of times and have not had a bad meal.  That's not to say that it's always great.  During peak times, I have had meals that were good but not exceptional.  My most recent trip was during lunch on a weekday.  They were at about half-capacity and the meal was outstanding and the service was amazing!  I was on the dining plan, which included a drink and desert.  I knew what entree that I wanted but asked for input from the bartender for the other courses.  I was very happy!

The "Old Fashioned Elder"

For my entree I selected the signature dish, "Art's Famous Fried Chicken".  This is every bit as good as the Mid-West Potluck fried chicken that I remember from my youth!  The portions are generous and I had leftovers.  My one criticism is that the mashed potatoes are instant.  That's not a horrible thing, but they aren't strong enough to stand on their own.  They need gravy!

As I said before, I asked for input on my desert choice and I am so glad that I did.  On a previous trip here with my wife, we did a moonshine flight.  That comes with two items to use for palate cleansing.  One of those items is candied pecans.  I loved those when I had them.  The bartender told me that the chocolate pecan pie, which I am already a fan of, was made with these pecans.  SOLD!  It lived up to every expectation that I had.

A good blogger would have remembered the picture before the first bite.  I couldn't wait!

As mentioned before, I've been here a handful of times.  Here are a few dishes that we've had:

Grilled Mahi and Shrimp

I was on the dining plan when I ordered the Grilled Mahi and Shrimp.  It was good, but not worth the $30 price tag.  The shrimp was very good.  The fish was a generous size.  I loved the kale.  The sweet potatoes were just okay and the fish needed a bit more flavor.

Fried Chicken and Doughnuts

My daughter order this (also while on the dining plan).  If sweet and savory is your thing, this might be a good choice.  It was a little too much sweet for us.  The chicken is awesome all by itself!

Addie Mae's Chicken and Dumpling Soup

My oldest daughter ordered this on a trip without a dining plan.  She loved it and it was a very large portion!

Here are some pics of sides that we have order over various trips.  We liked all of them.

Bunch of Puppies

Thigh High Chicken Biscuits

Order of Biscuits

At some point, I would like to go there for brunch.  There are some menu items that look great.

I hope this review is helpful.  I would love to answer any questions that you might have, so please feel free to add a comment below.


  1. I would not order the church lady deviled eggs! We have tried them in the past, but they do not compare to any homemade deviled eggs I've every had.


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