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Cars Land Cozy Cone Chicken Chile Verde Recipe

With Covid-19 in full effect, there are a ton of people that are having Disney withdrawal!  We moved to Florida almost two years ago just so that we wouldn't experience this feeling.  I love irony as much as anyone, but this is borderline cruel :) While I do miss the rides and attactions, that's not the thing that I am really jonesing for.  I want some good food!!!  When we didn't live so close to Disney and wanted to get our theme park food fix, we would look for recipes.  My wife has pretty much perfected the cheese soup from Le Celier!  So I thought this would be a good time to add a recipe for another of our favorites. I haven't been to Disneyland since 2013.  Even then, I didn't have a park ticket.  I ran through the parks for the Disneyland half marathon (which hasn't been held for a few years now).  But one of my all-time favorite Disney food items (note to self, I should put together a list of my top five faves) was the Chicken Chile Verde Cone from

Animal Kingdom Backstage Tales - Immediate Feedback Video

In July of 2017, our oldest daughter and I participated in the Backstage Tale tour at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  We did a video right after we had finished the tour.  It is un-edited and the sound quality isn't great.  But I am glad that we have it:  A few other miscellaneous pics: Entering the empty park An empty Africa Participation gifts Close-up of the elephant treat