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About ArmsInsideTheVehicle

Welcome to ArmsInsideTheVehicle, a blog written by a family of five who love Disney and enjoy sharing their experience, perspective, and opinions on Disney and non-Disney things with others.  We also love being goofy, having fun, and lots of sarcasm!
A day trip to the Magic Kingdom in 2005, while on vacation in Siesta Key, was the catalyst into the obsession that we now have.  Since that day (I can’t believe it was a decade ago) we have taken numerous Disney vacations, watched (brainwashed?) our three daughters become Disney fans, and learned and experienced so many things that we want to share with others.  
The name of our blog is derived from a snippet of public announcement at Disney, “For your safety while on attractions, please keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the vehicle at all times.”  We have learned, good and bad, that life can be a bumpy ride…..so keep your arms inside the vehicle!  This also ties to a story about our first visit to Disneyland.  We were on the tram from the parking garage to Downtown Disney.  Our middle daughter, six years old at that time, heard the announcement and said, “He didn’t say heads!”  She immediately stuck her head out the side of the tram!  We immediately moved her to a seat in the middle!

About TeamDysart

Tabitha is the planner.  Before many advancements in online trip planning, her favorite pastime was to keep meticulous spreadsheets with all daily plans.  What parks to visit, reservations times, confirmation numbers, crowd levels, etc.  She regularly listens to several podcasts and cannot get enough information on all-things-Disney!
David enjoys Disney World trips, particularly the RunDisney marathon weekend.  He ran his first marathon on his 42nd birthday, followed that up with the Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare (Coast to Coast in 2013) and has completed multiple Dopey Challenges. 
Ainsley loves animals, particularly horses, and is very artistic.  Her sketches are amazing!  She was just a toddler on that first day trip to WDW and it left a big impression on her.  We have seen her love of Disney change over the years.  Although her days of princess dresses came and went, her love of animals allows Disney to still hold her teenage interest.  She particularly loves Animal Kingdom Park and Lodges and learning all she can about the animals in each.  
Eliza enjoys performing, both athletically and theatrically.  At an early age, Nightmare Before Christmas was one of her favorite movies because of the music and singing.  She is very interested in Dapper Days fashion and is excited to contribute to the blog.  
Madelyn’s first trip to Disney World was at 4 weeks of age.  We spent 12 days in a one bedroom villa at Kidani shortly after it opened.  She has a passion for food preparation and loves watching Food Network.  She also likes to experiment in the kitchen and has a knack for mixing flavors and creating tastiness from it.


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