YeeHaa Bob

YeeHaw Bob plays in the lounge of the Port Orleans Riverside resort.  This is one of my all-time favorite things to do outside of the theme parks!  I would encourage you to go out of your way to see him entertain.  All five of us went to Bob's show on 6/30/17.  Some of us were a little more excited about it than others, but by the end of the evening we all agree that we had an outstanding time!

Bob is a great piano player, but it's the schtick that makes for a fun time.  Bob blows a bugle and the whole room stands up, beats their chests, and does a Tarzan call.  If you're embarrassed, Bob will remind you that you'll never see any of these people again.
He plays songs that most everyone will know and about every other song has some form of crowd participation.  Easily recommend this for any and all!
The kids and me with Bob.

Here is a little snippet of Bob playing.
If you watch to the end, you'll see some awesome Tarzan yells!


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